VAT Free Wigs


Government rules allow people with a disability or are chronically sick to purchase wigs free of VAT.

If you are unsure about qualifying you can consult your medical advisor or visit GOV.UK VAT Relief Guidance.

To purchase your product free of VAT simply complete our VAT FREE form on the checkout page and confirm you have a chronic or disabling condition.

I am sorry Gentlemen, but male pattern baldness is not included in the VAT Free system by the VAT Office, so you cannot order a Toupee VAT Free.

ORDER ONLINE – To pay online VAT Free, you should shop and select the wig and colour you require first. The VAT Free form is at the bottom of the checkout page. Complete the standard checkout form and then at the bottom of the page select ‘Disability VAT Exemption’. This will reveal a further form with a few additional questions regarding your exemption. Enter your details into the required fields and upon completion VAT will be automatically removed from the final price. You can then continue with your checkout.

ORDER BY PHONE – If you order over the phone and have been asked to send us the VAT free form, go to the Checkout page, open the VAT Free form, fill out and click/tap to send to us. Do not complete the order online.  We will receive the form and reduce the price of your order for you and take payment.