The Premium Plus Wig Collection from Sentoo

Directwigs are proud to be an Approved Supplier of the Premium Plus Wig Collection  from Sentoo.

Sentoo Premium Plus wigs are a range of supreme, quality styles crafted with “FLEXI-FIBRE”; a high heat fibre which allows the wearer to heat style for a perfectly flawless finish.

A Sentoo Premium Plus wig is easy to maintain and offers superior styling flexibility to keep the wearer one step ahead. The flexi-fibre can be blow-dried, curled or *straightened using heated stylers.

*If using straightening irons on a Flexi-Fibre Sentoo Premium Plus wig, temperature controlled irons are a must and cannot exceed 140 degrees. Please note at 140 degrees the Flexi-Fibre will stay straight and no re-styling can be done. Any heat up to 120 degrees on the Flexi-Fibre can possibly be re-styled.


Can’t Find Your Style?

If you can’t see the style or colour you’re looking for, don’t worry, the chances are we just haven’t added it to our website yet. Contact us now to see if we have your style in stock!