NJ Creation wigs

The Best Kept Secret in the World of Wigs

Directwigs are proud to be an Approved Supplier of NJ Creation wigs.

Wigs from NJ Creations of Paris are possibly the best kept secret in the world of wigs. Their revolutionary and patented Antiglisse© and Modulocap© concepts are totally unique, creating a fusion of innovation with French chic and savoir faire.

NJ Creation wigs

Antiglisse© is a micro perforated membrane that reduces perspiration and regulates temperature changes in order to feel comfortable all year round. Modulocap© allows the depth and size of the cap to be adjusted in a few seconds, producing a perfect fit for the head size and shape without any feeling of compression. These concepts combine to provide a comfortable, light, and secure wig that does not require glue or adhesive and has a wonderful natural appearance.

Styles are available in a wide range of colours in synthetic, heat-friendly, hybrid and human hair. It should be noted that human hair is graded 1-7, with Chinese hair being low quality, Indian (6) and European (7). NJ only use Indian and European Remy hair.

Through the use of quality materials and construction NJ wigs have a life expectancy that is higher than average, a valued benefit in these days of rising prices.

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