The Dimples Wig

The Dimples Wig Collection

Directwigs is proud to be an Approved Supplier of Dimples Wigs.

A wide range of colours, styles and hair types from a leading USA manufacturer that supports a number of charities. We love their Manifesto, which we have reproduced for you – learn more!

The Dimples Wig

Hair loss is not a failing of the person suffering hair loss. But a failing of the person who views wigs and the women who wear them negatively. The fightback starts here.


I will wear a wig… because it makes ME feel better.
I will decide when this is right to wear.
I don’t need your justification…
This is not about you.

This is not MY condition.
This is a condition I have.
A condition I can combat.

I don’t know why I lose my hair.
But it’s more important that I don’t lose myself.
Now is not a time to hide.

Wearing a wig doesn’t change who I am.

From now on I don’t give a sh*t what you think about my hair.

My value is not tied up in your judgement of me.
A loss of hair is not a failing on my part.

I am here to change perceptions.

I am confident.
I am strong.
I am positive.
I am me.

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